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30 Awesome Autumn Journal Prompts

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Fall is a time of letting go, reflecting, slowing down, and indulging your five senses with comforting and beautiful smells, tastes, sights, and sounds. These 30 Journal Prompts give you a provocative and intriguing, yet simple question to write about each day of the month, and can be used throughout the Autumn. I've organized them into clusters of five, each with its own little topic. That way you can easily find the types of prompts that resonate with you the most. While it can sometimes be hard to know what to journal about, these journaling prompts should make it easy and fun to build a reflective practice that supports your peace and clarity this Autumn. If you'd like to jump ahead to the section you're most drawn to today, here's a quick overview. You can click on any link to go directly to that section.


Some of these questions are pulled directly from our Card Decks. When this is the case, we've included a link to the deck this lovely question was pulled from. Let us know in the comments which was your favorite, and Happy Autumn-ing!

Autumn Memories

1. Remember a trip you took in the Fall. Where did you go and what is memorable about it? 2. What do Autumn leaves remind you of? Why? 3. If little you could be here now, how would they feel about your situation this autumn? What would they tell you to do? (Clarity Deck) 4. What is a childhood memory from the Fall? 5. What is an adolescent memory from the Fall?

Fresh Starts

Autumn Dreams

11. If you could be a little kid again, what would you do in the Fall? 12. If you could have anything you want this Autumn, what would you have, and what would you do with it? 13. If you could travel anywhere during the Autumn, where would it be and why? 14. What big dreams do you have for yourself? In what ways do you stop yourself from dreaming before you can even start - and what are you trying to protect by doing so? (Clarity Deck) 15. If you could live anywhere during the Autumn, where would it be and why?

Autumn and the 5 Senses

16. What is your favorite smell in the Autumn, and why? 17. What sound do you most associate with Autumn, and what do you remember about this sound? 18. Which of your five senses is made happiest by the Autumn, and what does this sense love about this season? 19. What do you need to hear and learn from beauty right now? What could shift for you by being around beautiful spaces and objects more? (Clarity Deck) 20. What food(s) remind you of Autumn? What memories do you have attached to these tastes?


21. Who do you love to spend time with during the Fall, and why them specifically? 22. Who do you need to listen to more right now? Who do you need to listen to less right now? How can you make this happen? (Clarity Deck) 23. Who do you feel closer to in the Fall? Who do you feel more disconnected from during this season? What meaning do you make of this? 24. What is something comforting that you need someone to tell you right now? If it's something you can tell yourself, how can you practice this in the next week? If it's not, who in your world can help you hear it and believe it? (Loss Deck) 25. Who does the Fall make you think about? What memories, dreams, or visions do you have involving this person?

Letting Go

26. What is coming to an end for you this Autumn? What are your thoughts and feelings about this ending? 27. Where do you feel regret? What can you do to be at peace with the past, and change your approach to the future? (Motherhood Deck) 28. Think of a time you released an emotion, belief, person, or object that you no longer needed. How did you let it go? 29. What, or who, is feeling heavy to you now? How is this extra weight keeping you from moving forward in the ways you need and want? What could bring lightness into this space for you? (Clarity Deck) 30. How will your body feel and act differently when you have let go whatever you need to release this autumn?


  • Autumn Memories - recalling memories of Autumn and Fall as a child and adolescent help ground you and enable you to take advantage of the differences this Fall will bring.

  • Fresh Starts - thinking about habits and behaviors will help you realize what you want to let go and what new things you want to let in.

  • Autumn Dreams - dreaming about what you want to do this Fall is the first step to making sense of the new reality in a palatable way.

  • Autumn and the 5 Senses - thinking about the foods, sounds, smells, and customs around the Fall will help you decide what you want to hold on to and enable you to think of creative ways in which you can recreate for yourself all the good things about Autumn that make it so lovely and appealing.

  • Relationships - with whom do you want to spend more time and how you want to spend it in the Fall? Thinking about this will enable you to focus your energies on building stronger connections with those whom you value.

  • Letting Go - discerning what you need to let go this Fall can be a revealing and lightening exercise. It may also lower the burden you may feel this Fall.

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