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How We Began

Girls Gone Happy was first a "friendship club!" We hosted a series of dinners + workshops, designed to foster genuine, deep friendships (because finding your people and connecting on a real level is hard!). After the success of these events, we wanted to create a tool that would allow for the same “aha!” moments and amazing intimate conversations to occur everywhere - a simple tool that was also powerful and life-changing. And so, our Card Decks were born!

What makes our Card Decks Powerful + Unique?

Our founder Justine used to be a career coach, and she noticed something surprising about her clients: they came to talk about their jobs, but they actually all were held back by one thing:

Disconnection - from themselves, and from true friends.

The solution? It wasn't a new job. It was learning how to be a better friend to themselves - and finding kindred spirits in adulthood.

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Create Empathy

We strongly believe that friendships are essential to creating the world we need. As much as we can read and learn about others' experiences, real, loving relationships are what truly make us listen, grow, and care about their struggles in a deeper way. Friendships are how we build empathy and (self) awareness. They push us to stand up to fight for those we love.

To us, helping people build true, long-lasting friendships and have heartfelt conversations is more than just sweet - it’s vital.

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