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Welcome to Girls Gone Happy

you're a smart ladY* with zero time, all the questions, and a yen to live better.


*if you identify as a lady, you're a lady in our books. Welcome to your community.

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Welcome to Girls Gone Happy! So glad you're here; I'm Justine (on the right, with puppies). Let's go on a little journey, friend . . .

It's 2014, on an October afternoon; I'm sitting in my office in Philadelphia, staring at my notebook after a coaching session with a client, feeling sad, and wondering why. And then I realize it's this: I have spent the past hour - and the past year -  listening to wonderful, thoughtful women share their pain around two big problems: making new authentic lady-friends as an adult, and wanting to dig into life's big questions, but feeling overwhelmed with where to begin. My clients yearned for more connection, meaning, and intention in their lives, but struggled with finding the time to focus on these things in the midst of a life already stuffed to the gills with responsibilities and tasks. 

It was a pain I knew all too well myself. Here I was, helping other people live life intentionally, and I was so overwhelmed I could barely see beyond my nose. In these moments, I truly missed having my childhood friends around - ladies with whom I had a soul connection, and could be vulnerable and honest. Friends who knew my true heart and could hold up a mirror to me when I needed to be reminded of who I was and what I was really about. As a grownup in a new city where I knew nobody, where was I going to find my tribe? How many superficial coffee dates or weird meetups did I need to go on before I found my sister friends?

I believe in the transformative power of female friendships, and that women are tired of getting together in settings where we lead with our elevator pitch, and miss out on real connection. We want to have real conversations about our visions for the future; our relationships and all their irritants and delights; our families, our fears, our hopes, and our spirits. And because I couldn't find this space for myself and my clients, I decided to make it.

And so, Girls Gone Happy was born: a monthly program that gathered women together for a meal, and a two-hour session that fell somewhere between a personal development workshop and an amazing, soulful conversation with true friends. 



Fast forward to today: Girls Gone Happy is now an online community for thoughtful women who are passionate about self-improvement & growth. If you've been looking for your people, we're here. And if you are on the path of personal growth, while also detoxing from too many humble-bragging lady gurus hawking online classes to fix your life, you're home now.

We are busy, snarky, and restless. We are smart and loyal. We love our inner circle, and get a high from meeting awesome new ladies who can become our soul friends. We have frizzy hair, bad moods, big dreams, and an inner knowledge that we are here for a reason; that we are meant to be doing more, if we could just figure out how; and that the more we understand ourselves, the more power we wield, and the happier we can become.

Girls Gone Happy helps women connect to each other, and to themselves, in three ways: 

Take a spin below to learn more about each of these. And most importantly - welcome home.

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Self-knowledge helps us be happier, more powerful, and effective in sharing what we're uniquely here to do. 

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(And if you have others  you love and think we should add, let us know at!)

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