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​​Get Deep With Friends,
And Clear With Yourself.

> Do You Love Deep Discussions?

> Crave That Electric Buzz Of Amazing Conversation?

Tired Of Buying A Million Journals And Planners - Yet Still 

    Looking For Something That Will Help You Change Your Own Life?

> Friend, Meet Your Perfect Match - Our Card Decks!

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How It Works

About Us

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How We Began​​​

Girls gone happy was first a "Friendship club"! We hosted a series of dinners + workshops, designed to foster genuine, deep friendships (because finding your people and connecting on a real level is hard!). After the success of these events, we wanted to create a tool that would allow for the same "Aha!" moments and amazing intimate conversations to occur everywhere - a simple tool that was also powerful and life-changing. A tool that can be used on your own to gain insight into your life, or with others to spark incredible conversations. And so, our card decks were born!

Our Products