All of us have questions - about the choices we're making, what we should be doing, whether we are where we're meant to be. But it's difficult to really spend time with the biggies in life. It's overwhelming. It can be depressing. Sometimes we feel like something is wrong with us - like we don't have our s@#*& together, and everyone else does - if we really spend time hanging out with these tough questions, and admitting we don't know the answers.

It's also easy to get swept up in the everyday, and feel like you're constantly in reactive survival mode: jumping from one task to the next, with little space for simple pleasures like not eating dinner over the sink while also writing an email on your phone. So it's easy for the existential explorations to kind of, you know, get pushed aside a little.




    That's why you're here, and that's why we're here too! Girls Gone Happy is a free resource for real girls* who want to ask big questions, but need a little help doing so (as we all do).

    Each month, we'll dig into a topic (the same ones you can find in our session guides). And each week, you'll get a lovely email, that will include:

    • A question to help you explore our topic in a fresh way for the week ahead
    • A fun & thought-provoking activity to help you dig into our question
    • Free printables to help you in your weekly explorations
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    This is not a heavy lift. It's not another thing on your to-do list that you'll remember in the shower and feel guilty for not doing. It will be light; curious; exciting; and something you'll be doing alongside tons of other ladies, all over the world. 

    It is going to be a big deal for you. The right questions have the power to change the direction of your life. And we're excited to see what big shifts come up for you - in your thinking, your actions, your world - as a result of joining us on this journey.

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    *for us here at GGH, a real girl is anyone who identifies as one, and is real in the way she shows up in life - honest, vulnerable, intelligent, and compassionate. GGH is an inclusive community that welcomes any lady who feels this is her home.