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I want to extend a personal WELCOME and HOORAH to you for joining our community - we're so thrilled you're here! By the way, I'm Justine - the girl behind Girls Gone Happy - and if you ever have any questions, big ahas, or suggestions, please always feel free to reach out at hello@girlsgonehappy.org. I'm here and always excited to hear from you. 

So, back to you: you'll soon be transforming your life through self-discovery and the power of friendship, by exploring different topics each month, and a new question & activity each week.

In the meantime, please enjoy our free guide below, Know Thyself! Our Favorite 4 Tools for Self-Knowledge. We curated them to help you learn all about your beautiful self from different angles - finances, patterns, spirituality, strengths - without falling into an internet quiz wormhole.

Onwards, lady - let's start asking some big questions together!

xo Justine


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