Week 3: Money

In Week 1 you reflected; in Week 2, you whittled; and now you're going to share your thoughts with a friend.

Think of someone who knows you well, and from whom you can openly accept feedback. This doesn't need to be a long-term friend - just someone who can be honest with you, and who you feel gets you.

(And if you don't have that person right now, post your answers to Instagragm with the #ggh and we'll give you feedback!)

Once you've gotten this person in mind, reach out to her to ask for her help on a project you're working on for Girls Gone Happy.

Share with her your list from Week 2. Oh, and PS - don't tell her that this is about money.

Ask her to look at your list, and ask her what her thoughts are on how these values, feelings, and judgments connect to your personality and current place in life. 

What can you learn from her about your relationship to the ideas on your list?

Justine HaemmerliComment