Terrific as the internet is, nothing beats meeting up in person.

Girls Gone Happy aims to bring together women from all over the world through a shared experience of introspection and thoughtful living - and, we also work hard to help ladies find their sister friends IRL and get together on the regular, to be in loving and thought-provoking community with each other.


We are currently cooking up our inaugural Girls Gone Happy Gatherings, which will give ladies the opportunities to meet new friends, learn about and receive GGH materials, and leave the event having formed their own GGH group within their local community.

This is not a networking event. There will be no elevator pitches. This will be a chance to meet real, cool girls; start planning your very own GGH group; and be taken care of for a day. Think somewhere between brunch, weekend retreat, and the best class you ever took.  

Our first Gatherings will take place in Fall 2017 in Philadelphia. Claim your spot on the pre-registration list now!

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If you already have a group - whether it's a meetup, a gaggle of lady friends, an alumna club, or colleagues at your office - and you would love an easy way to engage in really fun and thoughtful discussion together, without having to lift a planning finger, come this-a-way to learn more about our Group Guides.