This beautiful deck  of  cards to help you gain new perspectives around life's big questions. You're in for such a treat! While there is nothing theological about these puppies, we do like to think there is something rather magical about them. 

Make these cards your own and use them however works for you; in addition, we wanted to share with you three ways we love to use ours:

Think of a question you're stuck on, related to an issue in your life. Pull 1-3 of the purple Question Cards, and write down  your thoughts and insights related to your question.

Pull a Category Card, and 1- 3 Question  Cards;  answer the questions in relation to that category, to help you gain clarity around how to keep growing in that area of your life.

Pull one Question Card each day of the week; carry the card around with you throughout the day and see how answers to it come up naturally.


Each deck contains 45 cards:

  • 12 Category Cards (one can be used each month if you so choose)
  • 31 Question Cards (enough to pull a card each day of the month)
  • 2 Wild Cards

Deck Cost: $25.00



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Cards will be made available for sale Summer 2017.

All pre-orders received by July 15th will receive a 20% discount.